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Books Read 2016

  1. William Shakespeare, King Lear (re-read)
  2. Cevaprff Xnyv, Rabhtu Gb Znxr Lbh Oyhfu: Rkcybevat Rebgvp Uhzvyvngvba
  3. Isaac Asimov, Foundation
  4. Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Identity
  5. Isaac Asimov, Foundation and Empire
  6. Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Dart
  7. Isaac Asimov, Second Foundation
  8. Isaac Asimov, Prelude to Foundation
  9. John D. MacDonald, The End of the Night
  10. Jack Nicklaus, Golf My Way
  11. Isaac Asimov, Foundation and Earth
  12. Adam Hochschild, King Leopold's Ghost
  13. Victor Hugo, Les Misérables
  14. Isaac Asimov, Foundation’s Edge
  15. Jeff Gramm, Dear Chairman: Boardroom Battles and the Rise of Shareholder Activism
  16. Frank Herbert, Children of Dune
  17. Gordon S. Wood, The Radicalism of the American Revolution
  18. James Lee McDonough, William Tecumseh Sherman: In the Service of My Country: A Life
  19. Richard Henry Dana, Jr., Two Years Before the Mast
  20. William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury
  21. Patrick O'Brian, Master & Commander
  22. Patrick O'Brian, Post Captain
  23. Patrick O'Brian, H.M.S. Surprise
  24. Patrick O'Brian, The Mauritius Command
  25. Edwin Lefèvre, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (annotated edition)
  26. Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers
  27. Peter McPhee, Liberty or Death: The French Revolution, 1789–1799
  28. Patrick O’Brian, Desolation Island
  29. Patrick O’Brian, The Fortune of War
  30. Patrick O’Brian, The Surgeon’s Mate
  31. Patrick O'Brian, The Ionian Mission
  32. Patrick O'Brian, Treason’s Harbour
  33. Patrick O’Brian, The Far Side of the World
  34. Stephen L. Carter, The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln
  35. Patrick O’Brian, The Reverse of the Medal
  36. Patrick O’Brian, The Letter of Marque
  37. Franz Nicolay, The Humorless Ladies of Border Control
  38. Patrick O’Brian, The Thirteen-Gun Salute
  39. Patrick O’Brian, The Nutmeg of Consolation
  40. Patrick O’Brian, The Truelove
  41. Patrick O’Brian, The Wine-Dark Sea
  42. Patrick O’Brian, The Commodore
  43. Patrick O’Brian, The Yellow Admiral
  44. Patrick O’Brian, Men-of-War: Life in Nelson’s Navy
  45. Patrick O’Brian, The Hundred Days