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Today is my father's 70th birthday. I wonder if he knows it.

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Here's the thing:

Leo is very intelligent. He's imaginative and inquisitive.

He also has virtually no context for anything, nor does he have experience that would let him put anything in perspective. And he can't read yet, so his main means to acquire knowledge is to ask questions. Oh, and he has nothing to relate your answer to, so there are always three or four immediate follow-up questions.

The short attention span also means that you're always carrying on four or five unrelated conversations in parallel, but you never really know which one is the active one.

This is one big reason why I drink.

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This morning, Leo said to his mother, "You're no fun any more!"

I seem to be winning.

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I'm biased about my son, as is any parent. I think my son is smarter than all the other kids, cuter, too, and I'm sure that he has enough personality for any four or five other kids. And I of course seize on anything that I can construe as evidence to confirm my biases. All that I can say in my defense is that I know that my opinion in the matter ought to count for nothing.

Still, there is one thing about Leo that I think is real and which gives me real joy and pride: Leo is not afraid. And I think that will take him a long way, if we, his parents, don't fuck it up too badly.

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