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I haven't been home in nearly a week. Although I was away for good stuff, a night alone in my own space is a welcome opportunity to recharge. I'll be home the rest of the week, too, but the boy will be staying with me until sometime on Sunday. While I've missed him and will be glad for the time with him, it doesn't have quite the same effect on my energy.

The weekend was fun despite a head cold that knocked me out a bit. I got to spend some quality time with friends, whom I repaid for their company by sharing my cold with them because I'm generous like that.

Yesterday I flew to Cincinnati for meetings today with a client. The meetings were productive: I learned a lot about the new things they're doing and thinking of doing, and we had some useful brainstorming about possible subject matter for new patent applications.

I visit this client about once a year. Usually the meetings take up a full day, but today we had only about two and a half hours. For all that, or maybe because of it, this was one of the most productive disclosure sessions we've had.

I was supposed to have dinner with a couple of the GCs, but a scheduling cock-up meant that I had to catch a relatively early flight. I went with them to the restaurant to join them for appetizers at least. I had fried "Cantonese" shrimp, which were served with a sauce that was mixed duck sauce and hot mustard. They were unremarkable, but they were in fact shrimp, fried, and served with a sauce that was spicyish, so I'm not complaining.

I very nearly missed my flight, though, by leaving the restaurant later than I had planned and then getting caught in rush hour traffic. Fortunately, the terminal was empty, and I breezed through security to the gate. And following an uneventful flight, I find myself at home.
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I have heard reports of moms in our social circle being impressed that I, a mere dad, managed all by my self and on my own initiative to put together an overnight trip to go skiing with the boy. Dude, it wasn't all that hard, and it's kind of disappointing that expectations are so low.

Then again, I like being impressive.
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After skiing on Saturday, yesterday was a quiet Sunday at home for me and the boy. We were both tired, he was a little sick (he had been pretty snotty in the car on the way to the Poconos; good on him for having fun skiing anyway), and it was awfully cold. We played video and board games, watched TV, and cleaned up a little in anticipation of his mother's return that afternoon.

I'm still sore, mainly in ways and places I didn't expect. My ankles and lower shins are blistered and bruised from the ski boots: I'll have to wear thicker socks next time. I have a low-grade stiff neck, and my lower right leg is also a little sore and stiff. Some of this is doubtless due to unfamiliar strains on various parts of my body, but pushing the boy around likely strained muscles and joints in ways that are unusual even for skiers.

My left elbow is also still a little sore, probably from climbing last Tuesday with the boy, [ profile] regyt, [ profile] novalis, [ profile] kinfae, and another munchkin. At the boy's insistence, I tried a dynamic move a couple of times while bouldering, and I may have strained something while trying to catch the next hold.

Then again, also while bouldering, I fell off the wall and, while falling, noticed that the small persons had somehow wandered into my landing zone while I had been paying attention to the wall. I had to twist to avoid squishing them and landed badly. Maybe I hurt it in the fall.

Whatever the cause, any joint or muscle pain is making me unduly nervous these days and probably will do so for the next few weeks or even months. I came down with a throat infection of unknown origin shortly after having finished a course of antibiotics for something else. Because of that history, my doctor prescribed a second-line antibiotic of doom, which had interesting side effects on me such as fatigue, dizziness, and anorgasmia. What is more pertinent is that other side effects can include tendinitis and even tendon rupture. Whoopie.

I am going to try very hard not to get any more infections ever again.
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I got a lot of exercise last week, including climbing and a lot of various forms of cardio, and culminating with skiing yesterday in the Poconos. Today, I'm a little tired and sore, and I've been famished all week.

This was the third time I'd ever tried to ski. Cut for length . . . )
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This weekend we spent in Kent, Connecticut, which is near the western edge of the state, about halfway between the northern and southern borders. Friends of ours—parents of one of the boy's classmates—have a weekend place up there, and they invited us to join them for the weekend. We'd been there before, and it's beautiful up there.
Cut for length )
The festival did provide a moment of pure magic, though. We had wandered into a master class taught by Béla Fleck, and someone asked him about the classical music he had arranged for, and played on, nontraditional instruments. For about 90 seconds, I sat transfixed as he played Bach on the banjo.

Then we drove home and got stuck in traffic.
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Last weekend I went to my fifteen-year law school reunion. While I don't really keep in touch with people from my class, it had been at least ten years since I'd been back, and there were people and places I was curious to see.

That curiosity seemed not to have been widely shared. To see what I mean, let me skip ahead to dinner on Saturday night. Each class had its own private dinner. Here's a picture of my class's dining room:
Cut to save your bandwidth and layout . . . )
Arriving Friday night, I saw a couple of my classmates at the welcoming reception and we chatted a bit. I left after about an hour, though, and went to my hotel to check in. I sort-of ate dinner at the hotel restaurant, then went up to my room to sleep. I must have been exhausted, because I slept for more than ten hours.

Nearly all the activities were scheduled for Saturday. Some of the panels seemed interesting, and I caught one on entrepreneurship. I did not want to miss the lunch, however. Barbecue in North Carolina meant pulled pork, cole slaw and hush puppies. But I stuck with the unsweet tea.

After lunch, I went to the bookstore to buy hats, shirts and other things with the school name. That took up enough of the afternoon that I really had time left only to go back to the hotel and work out before dinner.

The evening program was a couple of receptions, followed by dinner. I went to the law review reception, then to the general reception, and then to our class dinner, which consisted of me, three of my classmates, and two people from the alumni relations office. Dinner was OK: beef and salmon.

I'm glad that I went, just to see the place after all this time. It's always fascinating to me to go back to a place that I used to know well after several years' absence to see what I remember, to see what's changed, and to see what I've just plain forgotten. And it's startling the way that some people look nearly the same as they did when you knew them, and some just look old, but there's nearly no one in the middle, simply aging. I expect to see this again at the end of May, when I have my 20-year college reunion.

Oh, Boy!

Jan. 8th, 2007 11:58 am
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I get to go to Cincinnati next week for work, again.

ETA [1/10, 12:10 PM]: The trip has been postponed for a couple of weeks. This is doubtless because I already bought a non-refundable plane ticket.


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