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As I lay asleep this morning, I dreamed that I was about to have relations with a person—a reader of this journal, in fact—other than my beloved wife Lauren, while another person—also a reader of this journal, in fact—looked on with mild interest. But reality intruded just as things in dreamland were about to get hot 'n' heavy, when the aforementioned beloved wife Lauren opened the bedroom door, letting the cheerfully noisy small person bound into our bedroom and wake me up.

I opened my eyes, lifted my head, and then blinked. Turning to Lauren, I said, "You got here just in time."
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Me: There are a couple of things I want to tell you.
L: OK.
Me: You see this child? This child, here, the one that I was the sole caregiver for the last twenty-four hours?
L: Yes?
Me: I would like you to note how he conspicuously has not been eaten by dingoes.
L: Uh . . .
Me: Indeed, I would like to point out that he doesn't even have any bite marks.
L: Well, whose fault is that?
Me: *doesn't get it*

*decides to move on to the next topic*

Oh, there's some lobster salad left in the fridge if you want it. I bought it at Fairway yesterday morning. I wanted a lobster roll for lunch.
L: Yum. Did we have rolls?
Me: No, I bought those, too.
L: Could you make one for me?
Me: Sure, after I get the rest of your stuff out of the car. Oh, by the way, I learned something yesterday.
L: What?
Me: Leo is not deathly allergic to shellfish. Ask me how I found that out.
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I just got back from our appointment with Leo's surgeon. It appears that the tissue expander can stay put, barring changes in the situation such as are inevitable now that I've made this post and jinxed it. Tissue expansion will resume in two weeks.

In totally unrelated news, the night before last, I dreamed that a huge cockroach was flying right at me. In my dream, I swung my arm wildly to fend off the murderous insect. Unfortunately for Lauren, I also did so in real life.
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I could really use a brief nap, lasting three or four days.

I had forgotten to mention that an urgent matter came up at work over the weekend, too. (Well, for work-related values of "urgent," anyway.) It had to do with some litigation-related insanity and required some technical expertise that no one else in the department seems to have. So I worked until about midnight last night, then showered and went to sleep on the sofa to avoid waking Lauren.

(Lauren has enormous trouble getting back to sleep if awakened, especially when stressed, and she's a very light sleeper. I have seen her wake up from the noise made by a cat walking across a wooden floor. She has not had a decent night's sleep in months and is at the end of her rope.)

My sacrifice was for naught, however, as Lauren woke up anyway and came to fetch me at about 1 AM. I went back to bed, and Lauren did not sleep for hours. I didn't sleep much, either, although I slept more than she did. At about 6:30, we got up to get Leo ready for the doctor.

The surgeon removed one or two stiches from Leo's back and slightly widened the hole through which pus had been draining. Leo did not enjoy that part. Some poking and squeezing, which Leo also did not enjoy, coaxed a little more fluid out of the hole. Lauren and I held him down on the table throughout this, and we did not enjoy it, either.

We still don't know if the tissue expander will have to be removed, although the doctor looked at the situation and said that the expander didn't have to be removed immediately. We had our regularly-scheduled visit planned for Wednesday afternoon, so we'll see what happens then. The main concern at this point is protecting the skin that covers the expander in question because, as the surgeon put it, "that's Leo's future."


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