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My pictures are now up on [ profile] hanukkah_hunks. I apologize for the relative lack of bare skin, but I ask you to keep my situation in mind.
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Voting for the Eight Hunks of Hanukkah ended a few weeks back, and I placed sixth, which means I'm in. (Apologies for not mentioning this before.) Well, it is now Hanukkah, which means my pix will be up shortly. If you're so inclined, visit [ profile] hanukkah_hunks for a look (once they're up).
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The good news is that Leo came home on Wednesday, and is doing well. He's certainly in a lot less pain than in any of the previous operations. Although the hospital had him on morphine overnight, we've been able to give him Tylenol and Motrin only, and he's been mostly comfortable. He also seems glad to have the expanders out of his back, and I certainly don't blame him.

The better news is that after a few days in ninth place in voting for the Eight Hunks of Hanukkah, I am back in eighth place. Since only the top eight contestants qualify, eighth place is a big improvement over ninth place.

The bad news is that Lauren and I both qualify as disaster areas. We have both been badly stressed for a while. We're both exhausted, especially Lauren, who hasn't had a good night's sleep in, oh, about fifteen months.

The worse news is that I'm only two votes ahead of the guy in ninth place, and that cat is still twelve votes ahead of me. Folks, cats are warm, fuzzy, and darned cute. But they aren't hunks.


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