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When I was growing up, Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday. There was lots of good food, of course, and just the right amount of family. I saw just about everyone on Thursday, and only on Thursday, so I caught up with them without getting overloaded. The long break from school meant that I could sleep late and otherwise pretty much do what I wanted without being bothered.

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I made dinner last night. I made sautéed medallions of pork tenderloin in a lemon-rosemary sauce, roasted potatoes, and simmered Swiss chard.1 I also baked a really spectacular boule of bread.2

I've been meaning to post about the connection between alchemy, breadmaking, and getting laid, but writing it up has required more time and focus than I've been able to muster. It'll be meaningful, insightful, and possibly heartwarming if I ever finish it. Trust me.

In the meantime, though, I wish all of you the happiest 2007 possible.3

1We had houseguests this weekend. They're Buddhists. They brought us chard.

2With apologies, of course, to [ profile] rm.

3Except for those of you who are slow-walking tourists in New York City. To you, I continue to wish polyps. Lots of polyps.
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Dear Gentle Visitors to My Fair City,

Walk fast, you fucking slow-fucking-walking motherfuckers.

Hoping you all get polyps,

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Top 10 Birthday Presents I Want But Am Not Going to Get

10. An oscilloscope
9. A concealed-carry permit that's valid in NYC
8. I, Claudius on DVD
7. More midi-chlorians than the rest of you poor saps
6. Liechtenstein
5. [ profile] katestine
4. The One Ring
3. A large, modern loft apartment in TriBeCa
2. Apotheosis
1. Some rest


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