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Hello, LiveJournal! It's been a while. The only way that I was able even to start this post was to give up on the idea that I could catch up, so I won’t even try. The highlights, though, are:

  • I’m still not dead. I’m actually reasonably healthy and quite happy.

  • K and I are still engaged. We still plan to marry in March 2014. Now you know roughly as much about our wedding plans as we do.

  • The boy is doing well. He is nine years old and in fourth grade. He does fourth-grader stuff.

Last weekend, I think I set a personal record, in that, for three nights in a row, I attended parties with cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres. I am a sucker for cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres, so I consider that a big win.

Thursday night was a cocktail reception for the opening of AMNH’s Poison! exhibition. The evening began with a slide presentation that I arrived in the middle of—the second half, at least, was interesting and entertaining. We then walked through the exhibit itself, but it was hard to see anything: the space was filled with the sort of people who would go to the opening of an exhibit in a science museum, which meant that we had to wait a long time to get close enough to any individual exhibit to see or read anything. K and I agreed that the best strategy would be to come back later when it would be filled with normal people, who wouldn’t get in our way.

The cocktail reception afterwards was moderately fun, as the museum’s exhibitions tend to be. We sort-of dodged the couple that always gloms on to us at these things. We first met another couple, who seemed to be trying too hard. After that, we chatted pleasantly with a third couple, which included a man who seemed to want me to put him through school.

Friday was quiet at work because Friday night was my firm’s annual holiday dinner dance. They like their parties at my firm, and it shows. The party was at an old private club near our office, in a beautiful old room that no one could afford to build any more. The evening is also a chance to catch up with my partners’ partners, and K came. We drank moderately, danced to the live band, and went home before we got too drunk.

Saturday itself was a busy day, during which I baked six pies for a school fundraiser. While they baked, K and I played Just Dance 4. As for Saturday night, well, that’s another post.
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After skiing on Saturday, yesterday was a quiet Sunday at home for me and the boy. We were both tired, he was a little sick (he had been pretty snotty in the car on the way to the Poconos; good on him for having fun skiing anyway), and it was awfully cold. We played video and board games, watched TV, and cleaned up a little in anticipation of his mother's return that afternoon.

I'm still sore, mainly in ways and places I didn't expect. My ankles and lower shins are blistered and bruised from the ski boots: I'll have to wear thicker socks next time. I have a low-grade stiff neck, and my lower right leg is also a little sore and stiff. Some of this is doubtless due to unfamiliar strains on various parts of my body, but pushing the boy around likely strained muscles and joints in ways that are unusual even for skiers.

My left elbow is also still a little sore, probably from climbing last Tuesday with the boy, [ profile] regyt, [ profile] novalis, [ profile] kinfae, and another munchkin. At the boy's insistence, I tried a dynamic move a couple of times while bouldering, and I may have strained something while trying to catch the next hold.

Then again, also while bouldering, I fell off the wall and, while falling, noticed that the small persons had somehow wandered into my landing zone while I had been paying attention to the wall. I had to twist to avoid squishing them and landed badly. Maybe I hurt it in the fall.

Whatever the cause, any joint or muscle pain is making me unduly nervous these days and probably will do so for the next few weeks or even months. I came down with a throat infection of unknown origin shortly after having finished a course of antibiotics for something else. Because of that history, my doctor prescribed a second-line antibiotic of doom, which had interesting side effects on me such as fatigue, dizziness, and anorgasmia. What is more pertinent is that other side effects can include tendinitis and even tendon rupture. Whoopie.

I am going to try very hard not to get any more infections ever again.
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Highlights (?) of the week so far:

  • It's gray and rainy.
  • Drama with my stepmother regarding care for my mentally incapacitated father.
  • Work, work, work, and it just keeps coming.
  • I have gout. GOUT.

Oh, yes, and all of the foregoing is taking place in Margate. Phooey.

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I got my last sutures removed today. Although my exercise is still limited for another week, I did get my doctor's OK to ride a stationary bike, so I just did. It's been three weeks since I last exercised, so I took it easy, but it felt good.

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I seem to be coming down with a cold. As usual, I am unduly grumpy about it, but it reassures me, somehow, that I am less unduly grumpy about it than usual.

For example, I have been trying to cheer myself up by reminding myself that I went all winter without getting sick at all, and that bullshit is actually working this time.

Similarly, I started grousing about the timing, about getting sick just as I've suddenly got more work—all of it with tight deadlines—than I have had in months. And then I reminded myself that at least I didn't get sick when I had to travel, and I have plenty of time to get over this before my next trip. That cheered me up too.

What's happening to me? Have I become a pod person or something?


Apr. 21st, 2010 07:04 pm
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I just got a message from my doctor. Apparently, all three biopsies came back "benign but irregular. Very irregular." Which means that I have to go to another doctor and have three excisions, which involve removing the nearly-healed-by-now areas where the biopsies were taken, plus areas of surrounding skin. Excisions are somewhat painful and very inconvenient, especially since I can't exercise for at least two weeks afterwards to prevent ripping the skin open.

On top of that, having gone three for three, she wants to see me again in a month to make sure she didn't miss anything.

This is, of course, far from the worst result I could have got, but it's really annoying nonetheless.
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In other news, I am sick again, coughing up all sorts of multicolored surprises. Leo has a promising career ahead of him as a disease vector.
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At least the Zoloft seems to be working.
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Leo's surgery last week went swimmingly. He was, as you might expect, quite uncomfortable the night after the surgery, but they pumped him so full of morphine that he had an estimated street value of $3,000, and that got him (and me—I spent the night with him in the hospital while Lauren partied like it was 1999 went home and got some badly-needed rest) through the night.

A day later, though, his day in the hospital meant merely that he was a day behind in yanking books from the shelves and dumping cereal boxes onto the kitchen floor. He's probably caught up by now, but he seems unwilling to take any chances. He has also eagerly resumed his role as disease vector, sharing a nasty cold with both mommy and daddy. Thanks, kid.

In other news, my father was hospitalized late last week. For those of you keeping score at home, my father managed to get Alzheimer's in his early 60s, and is now almost 67. While he and my stepmother were babysitting for my stepbrother, he fell down and suffered some other symptoms. At the time, they thought that it might be a stroke, and they rushed him to the hospital. He turned out to have a bacterial infection that had further screwed up his system, including his balance and memory.

I have not been hospitalized recently, but at this rate, I'm concerned that my "cold" might actually be bubonic avian SARS or something. Wish me luck.
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Well, after scolding me for being nearly a year overdue for a physical, my doctor decided that I have some kind of bacterial bronchitis and has prescribed antibiotics for me. With a little luck, I should be fine by Monday. Until the next time, anyway.


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