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I got my LJ in March 2002, and one of the first people I followed was [ profile] roadnotes. Looking back, I see that her first comment in my journal was in May 2002—I hadn’t remembered her following me back so soon afterwards. By January 2003, I was singing regularly with a group of friends, including Velma, at Rose’s Turn on Thursday nights.

That was around the time when I had just started struggling to get out of the cage I had locked myself in. Velma was a great help to me then, offering support, encouragement, and wisdom. She often reminded me that I’m entitled to try to be happy. And insofar as I have become a real, live boy, she deserves credit for helping me along the way.

But time moves on. Rose’s closed, and we saw each less often. Still, she remained a source of support and wisdom as I began to make real changes to my life. She was always delighted to hear of my progress and consequent adventures, always interested in the salacious details. After she and Scraps moved west, I spoke repeatedly of visiting her, but I never made it out that way.

In my most recent email to her, I mentioned that I’d signed up to climb Rainier next summer, and that I hoped I’d be able to visit her during the trip. Now it seems that I won’t be able to.

I missed her before. I miss her now. Rest in peace, dear friend.
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After skiing on Saturday, yesterday was a quiet Sunday at home for me and the boy. We were both tired, he was a little sick (he had been pretty snotty in the car on the way to the Poconos; good on him for having fun skiing anyway), and it was awfully cold. We played video and board games, watched TV, and cleaned up a little in anticipation of his mother's return that afternoon.

I'm still sore, mainly in ways and places I didn't expect. My ankles and lower shins are blistered and bruised from the ski boots: I'll have to wear thicker socks next time. I have a low-grade stiff neck, and my lower right leg is also a little sore and stiff. Some of this is doubtless due to unfamiliar strains on various parts of my body, but pushing the boy around likely strained muscles and joints in ways that are unusual even for skiers.

My left elbow is also still a little sore, probably from climbing last Tuesday with the boy, [ profile] regyt, [ profile] novalis, [ profile] kinfae, and another munchkin. At the boy's insistence, I tried a dynamic move a couple of times while bouldering, and I may have strained something while trying to catch the next hold.

Then again, also while bouldering, I fell off the wall and, while falling, noticed that the small persons had somehow wandered into my landing zone while I had been paying attention to the wall. I had to twist to avoid squishing them and landed badly. Maybe I hurt it in the fall.

Whatever the cause, any joint or muscle pain is making me unduly nervous these days and probably will do so for the next few weeks or even months. I came down with a throat infection of unknown origin shortly after having finished a course of antibiotics for something else. Because of that history, my doctor prescribed a second-line antibiotic of doom, which had interesting side effects on me such as fatigue, dizziness, and anorgasmia. What is more pertinent is that other side effects can include tendinitis and even tendon rupture. Whoopie.

I am going to try very hard not to get any more infections ever again.
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I ran into the preturnaturally lovely and talented [ profile] ladyjaida this morning on the F train this morning. It was the first time I'd seen her in a few years, so at first I wasn't sure it was her, but I saw her name written on the notebook she was carrying. We spoke briefly about how exhausted we both were, how sick her cat is, how badly J.K. Rowling answers questions, and how we both took that train nearly every day.

Still, we were both, in fact, exhausted, and so the conversation stayed light and fluffy. And then I had to change trains at 2nd Avenue, so that was that.


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