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I keep coming with with obscene lyrics to the theme from Caillou.
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Me: There are a couple of things I want to tell you.
L: OK.
Me: You see this child? This child, here, the one that I was the sole caregiver for the last twenty-four hours?
L: Yes?
Me: I would like you to note how he conspicuously has not been eaten by dingoes.
L: Uh . . .
Me: Indeed, I would like to point out that he doesn't even have any bite marks.
L: Well, whose fault is that?
Me: *doesn't get it*

*decides to move on to the next topic*

Oh, there's some lobster salad left in the fridge if you want it. I bought it at Fairway yesterday morning. I wanted a lobster roll for lunch.
L: Yum. Did we have rolls?
Me: No, I bought those, too.
L: Could you make one for me?
Me: Sure, after I get the rest of your stuff out of the car. Oh, by the way, I learned something yesterday.
L: What?
Me: Leo is not deathly allergic to shellfish. Ask me how I found that out.
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As the parent of a young child, I find myself watching a good deal of the sort of television that I have never watched before.1 It's not that I didn't watch TV as a young child, but rather that the type and amount of children's programming that exists today did not exist then.2 Most commonly the TV is set to Noggin3, and by now my familiarity with that network's programming troubles even me.

Noggin is preparing to reshuffle its lineup, however, adding a new show entitled Pinky Dinky Doo.
Pinky Dinky Doo

According to the show's web page, "[t]he heroine of her eponymous series is seven-year-old Pinky Dinky Doo, a girl who uses her imagination to solve everyday problems. Through Pinky's adventures, children will gain a better understanding of the basic elements that make up narrative, and they'll be inspired to create their own stories as well."

Except that my brain, albeit it is not rotted, is sufficiently deranged that every time I see a promo for this wholesome animated children's show, I immediately think of [ profile] tassypink. Because Noggin is promoting this series to within an inch of its life, this means that I find myself thinking of [ profile] tassypink quite often.4

Not that I especially mind thinking of [ profile] tassypink, mind you.5 I do suspect, however, that this is not quite what the marketing executives at Noggin had in mind.6

1The conscientious reader may wonder at this point if I am not concerned that watching television will rot my child's tiny young brain. To this question, I reply that I watched a great deal of television as a young child, and, while I will not be so reckless as to say that I nonetheless turned out just fine, I am confident that my brain remains unrotted. Also, the channel we let Leo watch doesn't have commercials.

2Which is just as well, because spending too much time sitting motionless in front of a television might have left me easy prey for marauding tyrannosauri.

3Although we leap for the remote when Dora the Explorer comes on. Those of you who have had too much college will doubtless ascribe this to Dora the Explorer's being one of the few television programs in which the main character is a pre-womyn of color.

4I have never in any way interacted with [ profile] tassypink, and I actually know next to nothing about her except that she is unusually attractive, unusually pink, and unusually agreeable to the distribution of photographs in which she is unusually free of clothing. I therefore have very little to think about when I think of [ profile] tassypink, so each occasion is quite brief but nonetheless pleasant.

5See footnote 4.

6The unusually diligent or bloody-minded reader, having read this far, may now be wondering what the point is. The joke is clearly on the unusually diligent or bloody-minded reader.
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Leo's breakfast usually consists of pureed fruit and yogurt (served separately, not mixed). Of course, he winds up wearing on his face a good portion of what we feed him. Consequently, more than once during the yogurt portion of the program, I have thought that he looks as though he has just been the guest of honor at "Japanese face-painting night" at the Neverland Ranch.


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