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We have DirecTV. We recently bought two new high-def sets to replace the old-fashoned ones in our bedroom and the office. This meant replacing the old sets' receivers with HD receivers and hooking them up to the separate HD dish.

We have three receivers that share the single HD dish. But for technical reasons, you can't use a plain old signal splitter with a DirecTV receiver. Instead, a device called a multiswitch takes all five inputs from the dish and lets each receiver attached to the switch decide which input it wants to use.

The multiswitch on our building's roof has eight outputs. With the new HD sets, we use four for our apartment, and the other apartments downstairs in the same building use at least two of the remainder and maybe all four of them.

This is a problem. See, our building is in a row of similar buildings that are the same height and share a common roof. So residents of at least one apartment in a neighboring building don't have a dish on their building's roof. Instead, their installer got lazy and ran a line to ours.

This may have worked before, but our installer probably disconnected them when hooking up our new receivers. They, in turn, seem to have disconnected our bedroom's receiver to get their service back, which I discovered this morning when I went onto the roof to find out why we no longer had a signal, figuring that it was crucial to take care of this before this latest chapter of snowmageddon. Naturally, I unplugged them and plugged our own receiver back in.

Now, what the neighbors ought to do is to get their own building set up properly. Failing that, it's possible to cascade multiswitches so that more and more receivers can share a single dish. But I suspect that they're simply going to go back up on the roof and undo what I just did, and that this is going to turn into a Thing.
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Today has turned into an extended playdate for the boy and a friend, which is our attempt to deal with the rainy day. The friend, a former classmate, came over with his mother and two-year-old sister for breakfast. Their father was unavailable for the day, and Mrs. Lawnrrd had plans to go to a baby shower.

So, they got here at around 9:30, and I made waffles and bacon. Mrs. Lawnrrd supplied a fruit salad. Everything was delicious, in my unbiased opinion.

While I cleared the table, my wife started praising my domestic skills. "He cooks, he cleans, and he's handy," she said. This impressed the friend's mom, whose husband does and is none of those things. My face must have shown the thought that flashed through my mind, because my wife asked me, "what?"

I shook my head, but she wouldn't let it go. "He must be good in bed, right?" I said, "Something like that, but fairly crude." "What?" she asked.

I gave in. "His tongue is a foot long, and he can breathe through his ears." The friend's mom was thoroughly squicked, and I hope my wife has learned her lesson.

Mrs. Lawnrrd left for the shower first, and then the boy, his friend, and I started playing the junior edition of Monopoly. After a while, it was time for the little sister to nap, so their mom walked home with her, while the boy's friend stayed here and kept playing with us. After the game, which the boy won (for which he demanded a cash prize that was not to be forthcoming), we made popcorn and sat down to watch Ratatouille, which is one of our favorite movies.

I suppose I am domestic, after all.

After the movie, it was time for a snack. By then, the little sister had finished her nap, so the friend's mother came over and has taken them out for pizza. And now I have some time to myself, which may include a nap and maybe even some writing. Depending on Mrs. Lawnrrd's schedule, I may even make it to the gym.

And so it goes.
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As of today, I am the father of a three year old boy. And with each passing day, one thing becomes increasingly clear to me:

You people are so screwed.


May. 12th, 2007 12:37 pm
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I just bought a Subaru.

ETA: Here's a picture (of the model, not our actual car):

picture of the model that we got
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It's only fair, I suppose. I left Mrs. [ profile] lawnrrd alone with Spotacus last weekend so I could eat, drink, and be merry. This weekend, I am looking after the small person while she jets off to the Caribbean.

This would ordinarily be just fine. We'd hang out during the day, hit the playground and so forth. For the evenings, I'd get a babysitter and make social plans with friends I haven't seen in far too long. Violent computer games and naps would take up any slack time.

Sadly, I need to work basically all weekend to finish a brief on time. Finishing it late is not an option because we've already used all the extensions that we're allowed.

Oh, and I have to finish our taxes. I think that we owe the feds about $10k.

And put the new bookshelf together.

And go to the supermarket. And the gym.

And take the small person to the zoo. And bring him home with me afterwards.

If I can't get daytime babysitting at least one day this weekend, I am well and truly fucked. In a bad way, I mean.
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Me: There are a couple of things I want to tell you.
L: OK.
Me: You see this child? This child, here, the one that I was the sole caregiver for the last twenty-four hours?
L: Yes?
Me: I would like you to note how he conspicuously has not been eaten by dingoes.
L: Uh . . .
Me: Indeed, I would like to point out that he doesn't even have any bite marks.
L: Well, whose fault is that?
Me: *doesn't get it*

*decides to move on to the next topic*

Oh, there's some lobster salad left in the fridge if you want it. I bought it at Fairway yesterday morning. I wanted a lobster roll for lunch.
L: Yum. Did we have rolls?
Me: No, I bought those, too.
L: Could you make one for me?
Me: Sure, after I get the rest of your stuff out of the car. Oh, by the way, I learned something yesterday.
L: What?
Me: Leo is not deathly allergic to shellfish. Ask me how I found that out.
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Unpacking has begun. We spent most of Monday moving, although I set up Leo's crib and our bed in the new place before the end of the day. Yesterday we put away a lot of stuff in the living room, Leo's bedroom, and our bedroom, although there remains a lot of work to do. Among the minor problems is the lack of anything covering any of the windows in the apartment, making for not a whole lot of privacy, and also meaning that we have had to stack broken-down moving boxes in the windows to make it dark enough for Leo to nap.

The cleaning woman came today and spent about all day on the kitchen and bathroom, both of which desperately needed the attention. (The prior residents were a couple of guys—probably straight, although I admit that's based entirely on stereotyping. They were nerds, too: nearly everything in the apartment—the oven, the circuit breaker box, even the toilet—has an "Intel Inside" sticker on it.)

The apartment has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a washer and dryer. We get lots of light and a spectacular view of lower Manhattan. We've only just begun to explore the restaurants, but we hear good things. The phone finally got turned on this afternoon, the DirecTV installers will be by tomorrow (which means NFL Sunday Ticket come fall), and the DSL order is in. And if Vonage can get its act together and transfer our old number, we will have a 212 phone number despite living in Brooklyn, thereby showcasing our massive telecommunicative studliness.

And so it goes. Tonight I stop at West Elm on my way home to look for window shades or blinds or something.
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Today we are moving to Brooklyn. It has occured to me that a utilikilt might come in handy today, but I'm making do with cargo shorts because I don't own a utilikilt.

The movers have finished emptying our stuff from our apartment and are almost done emptying our storage space.

I got about three and a half hours of sleep last night because I had stuff I needed to finish for work. I am v. tired. I am also finishing a document for filing today.

My ISP was finally able to get to work on my order for DSL in our new apartment because the phone is now turned on. In the interim, I'm hoping to find a neighbor with an unsecured wireless access point, especially since we have switched our phone to Vonage.

And so it goes.
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Leo's other tissue expander somehow became infected last weekend. The surgeon saw him today (after having seen him on Easter Sunday) and has decided to operate first thing tomorrow morning to remove the tissue expanders early.

I'd go into more detail, but I'm very tired, and I have a lot of work to do.


Apr. 3rd, 2006 10:05 am
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Through a completely random coincindence, I spent most of last week at work assembling a patent application for a guy I went to high school with. When you consider that only thirty people each year graduated from my high school, you may understand why this is an even weirder coincidence. The application itself was a bear to write, not because it was especially complex, but because I had only just over a week to understand, write, revise, and file it.

Meanwhile, the guy is single and Jewish, so Lauren wants to fix him up with a bunch of people.

And on the day that I filed it, I found out that I have to do the same thing for another client, except this time I had only five days to put the thing together. I therefore worked a lot this weekend.

Lauren and I may be moving to Brooklyn. More on this later.

Leo's infection seems to be under control. He did get yet another cold this weekend, though. He's also been going through a whiny phase, which is incredibly annoying.

At this point, I will likely not be going to Frolicon, and that's incredibly annoying, too. Oh, well. There's a party here that same weekend that ought to be fun.

I need a nap. And I'm not going to get one.


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