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Highlights (?) of the week so far:

  • It's gray and rainy.
  • Drama with my stepmother regarding care for my mentally incapacitated father.
  • Work, work, work, and it just keeps coming.
  • I have gout. GOUT.

Oh, yes, and all of the foregoing is taking place in Margate. Phooey.

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I left a party tonight just before midnight. Walking from Herald Square to Penn Station (where the ATM was), along streets that somehow felt at once both nearly deserted and alive, I felt what I hadn't felt in a long time: that I owned New York and it owned me. I felt that I was back in the only home I'd ever found.
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I'm pretty sure that Leo has already played more games of catch with his father than I ever played with mine. That should help to explain something, although I'd be pressed to explain precisely what.

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Today is my father's 70th birthday. I wonder if he knows it.

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Leo's surgery last week went swimmingly. He was, as you might expect, quite uncomfortable the night after the surgery, but they pumped him so full of morphine that he had an estimated street value of $3,000, and that got him (and me—I spent the night with him in the hospital while Lauren partied like it was 1999 went home and got some badly-needed rest) through the night.

A day later, though, his day in the hospital meant merely that he was a day behind in yanking books from the shelves and dumping cereal boxes onto the kitchen floor. He's probably caught up by now, but he seems unwilling to take any chances. He has also eagerly resumed his role as disease vector, sharing a nasty cold with both mommy and daddy. Thanks, kid.

In other news, my father was hospitalized late last week. For those of you keeping score at home, my father managed to get Alzheimer's in his early 60s, and is now almost 67. While he and my stepmother were babysitting for my stepbrother, he fell down and suffered some other symptoms. At the time, they thought that it might be a stroke, and they rushed him to the hospital. He turned out to have a bacterial infection that had further screwed up his system, including his balance and memory.

I have not been hospitalized recently, but at this rate, I'm concerned that my "cold" might actually be bubonic avian SARS or something. Wish me luck.


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