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When I was growing up, Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday. There was lots of good food, of course, and just the right amount of family. I saw just about everyone on Thursday, and only on Thursday, so I caught up with them without getting overloaded. The long break from school meant that I could sleep late and otherwise pretty much do what I wanted without being bothered.

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This weekend we spent in Kent, Connecticut, which is near the western edge of the state, about halfway between the northern and southern borders. Friends of ours—parents of one of the boy's classmates—have a weekend place up there, and they invited us to join them for the weekend. We'd been there before, and it's beautiful up there.
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The festival did provide a moment of pure magic, though. We had wandered into a master class taught by Béla Fleck, and someone asked him about the classical music he had arranged for, and played on, nontraditional instruments. For about 90 seconds, I sat transfixed as he played Bach on the banjo.

Then we drove home and got stuck in traffic.
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Life can be really full of magic when you remember to get the fuck out of the way and let it happen.

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It's been about a day and a half since I've eaten a real meal. And while small plates certainly have their place, I haven't had enough even of those. So I'm hungry, and I'm going to go out now and eat a real lunch.

Further updates as events warrant.
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As I lay asleep this morning, I dreamed that I was about to have relations with a person—a reader of this journal, in fact—other than my beloved wife Lauren, while another person—also a reader of this journal, in fact—looked on with mild interest. But reality intruded just as things in dreamland were about to get hot 'n' heavy, when the aforementioned beloved wife Lauren opened the bedroom door, letting the cheerfully noisy small person bound into our bedroom and wake me up.

I opened my eyes, lifted my head, and then blinked. Turning to Lauren, I said, "You got here just in time."
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Everyone else on LJ seems to be doing the "March is Question Month" meme, in which one invites the public at large to ask questions, which one presumably proceeds to answer. I have my own idea.

In a comment to this entry, please submit an answer. I will respond with a question that might conceivably1 elicit such an answer.

Share and enjoy!

1For a value of "conceivably" that reflects my gravely disordered mind, of course.
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I haven't read 300, Frank Miller's graphic novel upon which the upcoming movie has been based. But I am terribly amused to remember that in Miller's earlier work, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, a passing reference is made to a porn star named "Hot Gates".


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